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Melody Heartstrong - Chapter 1 - Meet Melody by acakewithsugar Melody Heartstrong - Chapter 1 - Meet Melody by acakewithsugar
      Melody as usual was lieing on her bed reading another book. She lived in a house in Ponyville and she had like a ton of books. She was also playing the piano. Mel had short, wavy and black hair with blue thufts in it. Her fur was purple and her wings had blue gradient. Her eye colour was cyan. She also had a cutie mark which she earned at the age of six.
      Like this she seems a pretty boring pegas. No. This is so wrong. She was full of joy. She also used to make puns and her sence of humor was good. Sometimes she was being really rude to her friends for some reason but if they get in a trouble she was there to save them. Mel can make magical tricks too... Or just her cousin was saying this.
      Her cousin's name is Bloomy. Bloomy is a shy pegas-pony who is afraid to fly even if Melody was telling her that the feeling to see Equestria from the sky is amazing. Anyway. Bloomy was working in a bakery every summer while Melody was working in a library. They were just like sisters. When Bloomy was sad Mel was always cheering her up. The same thing with Heartstrong. One day Bloomy met a pony called Sweetie Bon. They became best friend with her.
      Sweetie Bon was filly pony who was trying to earn her cutie mark. Her friends used to call her Bonnie. She was outgoing and just like Bloomy she was also baking things.
      Did I mention Melody's other friends? Maybe not because they were only two. Mel used to stay in her tiny house and read books, study, listen to music, play the piano or browse on 9GAG... Yeah! Ponies have it too! Well... Her two friends...
      The first one's name was June Berry. Junie was a pony who was really funny and cool. Her hair colour was emerald and her fur was blue-green. She had beautiful electric blue eyes. Even if she was beautiful and smart she was acting sometimes really dumb. Here's an example! She was never using a door to come in Melody's house. She was using the windows, so she was breaking in. That's why the windows in Mel's house are just holes. No glass. No windows with thermal insulation.
      The second one was Sour Candy. Her hair was white with purple sprinkles and candies stuck in it while her fur was pink and her eyes where brown. About her personality... Same story as June Berry! But, somehow, these two were always having arguments and Melody was thinking that they act childish about the things that they were talking about.
      That's the life of Melody Heartstrong... Messed up but fun, anyway! Everything just starts now...
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October 8, 2016
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